Notes about "eligible" rent
Council and Housing Association Tenants
If you are a Council tenant or Housing Association tenant your "eligible rent" in this calculation will normally be same as the rent you pay to the Council or Housing Association - although it will not include any optional service charges.

From April 2013 Council or Housing Association tenants might get less help with their rent if their home is larger than they need. This is based on the number of people in the household and the number of bedrooms it has. The calculator will work this out for you when you answer the questions on the 'Household' page.
Private Tenants
If you are Private Tenant your "eligible rent" in this calculation will be decided using the Local Housing Allowance (LHA for short). You will need to find the appropriate LHA rate for your household size and use this figure as the "eligible" rent in the calculator. This calculator will work out how many bedrooms your household needs and show the amount on the results page. However, you'll need to use that figure to check the actual rate of LHA that applies to you. For more information about LHA click here: »LHA Information
Private Tenants under 35
If you are private tenant who is:
single | in good health | aged under 35 | with no children…
your rent in the HB calculation also uses the LHA (see LHA link above) but is restricted to the "Shared Accommodation Rate" for your area. You will need to find the appropriate LHA rate and use this figure in the calculator.