Housing Benefit calculator
  This calculator gives you an estimate of the Housing Benefit you could get. It is not a benefit claim. To actually claim Housing Benefit you need to apply online or complete and return a claim form. See the "More Information" section below for details.
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  Just answer all the questions in the order they appear on the page. The calculator is designed to only ask questions that are needed. Don't skip ahead or you might not get asked all the right questions.
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  More information
  If you rent from a private landlord, click the Local Housing Allowance link below. This will help you to find out what rent figure to use in the calculator.
    »Housing Benefits page
    »How to make a claim
    »Local Housing Allowance
  Privacy Statement: The information you enter in the calculator stays on your device. None of the information from the calculator is sent to the Council. Click "Wipe" at the top of the calculator to delete any saved information.
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