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Using the Universal Credit Wizard

Method for using: The calc automatically adapts the questions you are shown depending on your input. For example you won't see any questions about rent or bedrooms if you select "owner-occupier" as the Housing Type. It does this all the time about everything - partners, children, disability and so on. For this reason start at the top and deal with each question in turn. Its not a problem if you go back and change an answer - just check for any new questions on the way down.

Buttons/Menus: To keep the calc quick to use - especially on a smartphone - all the 'Buttons' have a choice pre-selected. This means that you won't always need to click them.

e.g. You only need to click this button if you want to change to 'Couple'

The menus assume you mean "No" or similar if you don't make any selection. Again, some unnecessary clicks are avoided.

e.g. If you ignore this menu selector the calc assumes good health

The only exception is the age selectors.

You must select ages or the calc won't play

Obviously if you want to try out different scenarios or you just like clicking stuff then go ahead. The calc will keep on adapting and working.


Session save: The calc automatically saves your answers all the time - even if you close the page and go back to it another day (on the same device). So, when starting a new case, click the Wipe! button at the top.

If you forget to do this it might make you swear a bit when you suddenly realise some of the answers are already filled in. However, you can click the 'Wipe!' button at any time to clear all previous answers from the form.


Embedded Help: To keep the Wizard compact, any Help sections are initially hidden. You can expand the help note with a click of a button.

Its probably a good idea to hide the help again after you have read it. That way, you won't have a very long form to scroll up/down.


If you have any comments, queries, suggestions, corrections etc then let us know - Thanks!

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QuickCalc Development
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phone: 07887 912811
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